Zeitgeist INSYS and the watch industry

The jewellery and especially the watch industry have always been characterised by extremely high demands. Originally a quality and precision craft with a long tradition and highly qualified personnel, today‘s conditions in terms of standards to be fulfilled remain a constant challenge for any automation specialist. After the watch industry “emigrated” to many other countries, it is now returning to Switzerland – a country renowned for its high-quality products. Quality automation helps keep decreased production costs stable or even partially further reduce them. This is only possible with very individual, customised solutions. It requires a partner who is familiar with the market’s extreme requirements, has the technological know-how of the industry and can meet without compromise all demands of its customers.

Traditional watchmaker around 1922. In 1891, the Thiel GmbH in Ruhla introduced the cheap but nevertheless reliable Ruhlaer pocket watch on the market. By 1897, the company produced 4,000 units per day. Shortly after the turn of the century, the first special machines for mass production were developed.

Like a Swiss clock –
Precision systems for very fine parts

  • Innovative production concepts with integrated new technologies
  • No rejects thanks to 100% Swiss quality, precision and reliability
  • Professional project management with an open, clear communication
  • High-precision grinding and high-gloss polishing of watch and jewellery parts
  • Industrial robotic logistics solutions and customised open control systems

Core competence –
Quality and precision

The production of high-precision equipment for the watch industry goes back a long way at INSYS. Comprehensive knowledge of the market and an extremely high quality awareness characterise the developers and engineers of INSYS. That’s why INSYS with its different technological processes is regarded as the market leader in the industry.

Process know-how –
Grinding and deburring

Traditionally, machining with robots is one of INSYS core competencies – especially the grinding and deburring. A robot can, for example, be used to fully automatically pick up and grind a watch case. Highly complex trajectories are driven, thus achieving the desired quality and perfection.

Finishing – High-gloss polishing

Many jewellery and watch parts shine in such a way you can recognise your own reflection. Using different methods, INSYS specialises in the high-gloss polishing of fine parts. Combined solutions from grinding and polishing processes were developed and implemented with very high productivity and cost-optimised efficiency.

Logistics – Maximum precision

Various logistics standard processes such as labelling, protection, laser marking, sorting, testing, packaging, etc. are available with or without use of robotics for the hand-ling of your finest parts.