State-of-the-art production system for Johnson Electric Switzerland AG Murten

  • Münsingen

Cost pressure drives forward the automation of gear motors!

Johnson Electric Switzerland AG Murten, 19.12.2018: Martin Pfister, CEO of Insys Industriesysteme AG, inspects the production line for automatic assembly of geared motors manufactured by INSYS and newly installed in Murten. Such a geared motor can, for example, be used in an automobile to control the flaps of an air conditioning system. The 2-part plastic housing of the product contains a position sensor, a DC motor, a gear and the contact. The entire system is currently being ramped up and fine-tuned; let’s say, it is getting ready for operation.

In modern production, the speed of assembly processes is evident to keep costs in a high-wage country such as Switzerland, competitive to other countries. Johnson Electric in Murten also takes this into account. For this reason, the production in its production plant must be fully automated using robot handling systems. Human power sets up the machine, checks the quality of the manufactured assemblies and ensures that there are enough prefabricated components in the feeder lines and vibrators. Robot arms then automatically pick up the various parts, quickly place them on a conveyor belt and then on a rotary indexing table. Further parts are precisely assembled at various stations of the rotary table in a synchronous cycle. Finally, the finished geared motors can be removed and packed for sale. Of course, this also functions automatically nowadays.

by René Merz on January 4, 2019