Semi-automatic machine for the final assembly of autoinjectors

  • Münsingen

With the semi-automatic machine, developed by Insys for the final assembly of autoinjectors, glass breakage of the prefilled syringes will be prevented during the assembly.

The system has the task of producing the autoinjectors semi-automatically. The prefilled syringe and the pen will be assembled. The semi-automatic machine, developed by Insys, detects whether the prefilled syringe is inserted correctly into the pen. If the prefilled syringe is outside the tolerances, the assembly process will be stopped before glass breakage occurs. This prevents the system from contamination by glass splitter and the drug. The movements of the assembly process will be performed by servo-electric drives respectively by force controlled servo presses. Thanks to well selected components, the Insys- concept offers flexibility and different variants of autoinjectors can be assembled.

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