Laser welding system from ITE Automation LTD. Suzhou - China

  • Suzhou

The INSYS smart automation® subsidiary ITE Automation LTD. builds a laser welding system

Smart Automation Group Partners, ITE Automation LTD. & Eclipse Automation Collaborate to deliver a Laser Welding System to Tier 1 Automotive Supplier.
ITE Automation LTD. is supplying a laser welding system to be installed at a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier’s Chinese Location. Eclipse Automation supplied the original system to the Tier 1 Automotive Supplier’s Canadian location.
Due to the success of the original system, the Tier 1 Automotive Supplier wanted a duplicate system for their Chinese manufacturing location. Smart Automation Group Partners Eclipse Automation and ITE Automation Ltd. collaborated on the required system changes to meet local codes and standards.

The INSYS smart automation® subsidiary ITE Automation LTD. is presently building the Laser Welding System at their facility in Suzhou for delivery at the end of September 2018.

Laser Welding Booth

SAG Partners teams working on this project. The local team has received training and support from 2 mechanics and 2 electricians who travelled from Eclipse to collaborate in the project by bringing together collective best practices, experience, and know-how.