INSYS smart automation® Germany

  • Münsingen

Our new location in Germany

We are pleased to introduce you to Florian Faschingbauer, Head of Sales for INSYS Germany in a short interview.

INSYS: "Mr. Faschingbauer, what are your experiences in the field of automation?"
"I worked for special machine construction for 6 years and spent 2 more years in «First Supplier Project Management» for an OEM in the automotive sector. This experience is very valuable for my job at INSYS, as I’m familiar with the entire value chain: from component development through industrialization to series production."

INSYS: "What is your focus at INSYS?"
"As Head of Sales Germany, my focus is first and foremost on the development of the German market. To be able to offer good solution concepts in automation, that meet the potential customers’ requirements. The contact to INSYS bases on my longstanding network in the automation industry."

INSYS: "Where will the new location be in Germany?"
"I will work mainly from Munich, with regular visits to Münsingen to be up to date and maintain the collegial relationship. The best way to reach me is via my email address and I’m looking forward to interesting inquiries and contacts."

INSYS: "Thank you for the interview, Mr. Faschingbauer!"

Image source: © F. Faschingbauer