Zeitgeist INSYS and medical technology

The key features of a product in the field of medical technology are orderliness, testability, clarity and above all cleanliness. But the challenges of our time continue to rise. Despite the high requirements and standards for cleanroom production, volumes are becoming smaller and smaller, the introduction of products shorter and shorter – systems must be designed so they can be converted to new parts almost on a daily basis. Often, the installation must already be set up before the product to be produced has even been fully developed. Due to the ever-increasing number of competitors and the outsourcing of production to other countries, prices for popular products are constantly on the decline. Innovative, cost-effective and highly flexible systems are the alternative for remaining competitive.

1939: Girl getting a polio vaccine. Syringes or similar equipment have been known since the Middle Ages in the Arab world. But it was not until the 20th century when vaccines were introduced on a large scale that mass production of disposable syringes under sterile conditions saw the light of day.

Keeping cleanroom production
competitive in future

  • Manual workstations and semi-automated assembly systems for cleanrooms
  • Modular systems for shortest possible changeover times and multiple products
  • Highest quality and speed in accordance with all requirements
  • Competent service in the field of validation and software
  • Complete logistics and palletising solutions in cleanroom areas
  • High-quality and cost-efficient machining processes for implants

Producing large quantities
in an economically viable way

Strong ideas and clear concepts lay the foundation for assembly systems that pay off. INSYS’s expertise regarding the lean integration of all assembly-accompanying processes for self-care products, such as blood lancets or dosing pens, guarantees optimum productivity.

Perfect control of processes

INSYS equipment for surface treatment, such as grinding, polishing and deburring, meets the highest quality standards. It is easy to operate and program and can be used flexibly for multiple product variants. With many years of experience in this field, INSYS provides you with cost-optimised systems.

Clean typeface

“Marking on the fly” is the motto of INSYS’s proven marking system. It allows fast and accurate processing of different round parts, such as dosing displays. The high reliability of this system ensures optimum efficiency.

Quality and purity
of your end product

INSYS systems comply with the classes ISO 8 to ISO 5 and are also suitable for hydrogen peroxide on request. INSYS offers qualification procedures and specially developed protocols to ensure that equipment and systems provide the expected results.