Cleanroom production

  • Validation and software development
  • Labeling and palletizing solutions
  • High-quality and cost-effective - processes for implants

INSYS systems correspond to ISO classes 6 through 9, featuring lean integration of assembly-related processes in medical engineering. Our manual workstations are primarily used as feasibility studies for efficient fully automatic operation.

Process examples

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  • The highly flexible semi-automatic assembly cell for medical and pharmaceutical devices
  • The modular assembly system SmartMedCell has been developed for the approval phase of pens, safety devices and autoinjectors
  • The format parts are designed for fast changeover and an easy product exchange
  • Upgrade with additional stations for further products or visual controls and labelling possible
  • SmartHMI 4.0


PDF Download: INSYS SmartMedCell Brochure EN

Pens and injectors

  • Manual workstations for various applications and small production lots
  • SmartMedCell for semi-automatic production of pens, safety devices and autoinjectors
  • Fully automated lines for your production


  • Lancing device for blood collection
  • Assembly line for medical devices
  • Fully automatic rotary indexing table with 20 stations and a cycle time of 1.7 seconds
  • Part feeding system with multiple feeder rails

Insulin Pen Assembly

  • Highest flexibility: Ready for the production of 3 different types of Auto Injectors
  • Highest modularity: Possibility to add further types of devices
  • Highest expandability: Ready to grow with your production volume planning
  • Highest intelligence: Equipped with the SmartHMI Industry 4.0, i.e. the functionality of a MES System
  • Highest Services: The INSYS Validation Team brings the equipment fast on the GAMP approved level




  • Assembly line of different manifolds and strips
  • Four-part rotary indexing table with siliconizing and printing of the product 
  • Plant specification according to clean room classification ISO 8