1990Foundation of INSYS Industriesysteme AG by MBO,
11 employees from the former Ascom/Gfeller
1999Foundation of iTECH Engineering AG


2002Move to Münsingen into a new company building
2005Takeover of 100% INSYS Industriesysteme AG
by AMMANN-Group Holding AG, Langenthal
2006Entry in the Medical device market, 1st system qualification according to GMP/GAMP


20101st systems for cleanroom classes 5 and 6 for Electronics/Medical/Pharma customers
2014100% Takeover of the company by private

Strategic partnership for Eastern Europe with
Transmoduls Ltd., Hungary

INSYS Industriesysteme AG, Münsingen and Transmoduls Ltd. Veszprem establish ITE-Automation Ltd. in Suzhou, P.R. China as equal partners


Strategic partnership for North America with
Eclipse Automation Inc., Kanada and US

2017Foundation of the "Smart Automation Group". Innovative
partnership between INSYS Industriesysteme AG, Transmoduls Ltd, ITE Automation Ltd. and
Eclipse Automation Inc.
2018Expansion of the "Smart Automation Group" with NIXMA Technology Co., Ltd., Thailand and the technology partner bfa solutions ltd., Fällanden
2019Full takeover of ITE-Automation Ltd. in Suzhou, China
by INSYS Industriesysteme AG

from 2020

2020The new Smart Automation Group!
New logo design and new website.
Foundation of INSYS Germany, expansion of the group with FLEXMONT Ltd, Hungary, bfa solutions ltd, Switzerland, Automation Specialist Services LLC, USA