Zeitgeist INSYS and the new philosophy

INSYS and your partners around the world have a mission: We are always looking to progress. We see the great potential of automation. It helps manufacture products of higher quality, more precisely, and more importantly in a resource-saving manner. With its high level of innovation, automation changed our world. These are all opportunities that spur us to be a part of it all.

Motivated and highly qualified employees, production and development sites worldwide, intercultural skills – all these assets help us achieve our goal of being an international market leader in innovative production technologies and cutting-edge assembly and function testing systems.

We have more than 500 employees worldwide with incredible skills that are core to our innovative strength. From mechanical and electrical engineers to application specialists and medtech experts, we can provide consolidated expertise for a wide range of applications to our customers.

We are all proud of the scope of standard and customised solution concepts we can offer: Systems with partial applications for the production of luxury watches. Machines that assemble important components for vehicles. Solutions for the manufacturing of aircraft turbine blades. Mounting devices for high-precision electronic sensors. And always in mind: highest number of variants, maximum reliability and immediate or upcoming full automation. The systems of the INSYS Group improve the profitability of production plants and promote the innovative strength of our customers, thereby securing skilled jobs – this applies to all major sectors and industrial regions.

It’s an inspiring journey we are all on. The global integration that is currently taking place with the help of advanced information and communication technology is having a great influence on the future of industrial production. Let us build that future together.

Martin Pfister
PhD, Dipl.-Masch.-Ing FH
CEO / Owner