Zeitgeist INSYS and electrical engineering


Countless switches, connectors, sensors and other small parts need an electrical device to function. As a result, large quantities and the fastest possible delivery times are the factors that drive the market. Over the past decades, a steady outsourcing of production facilities to emerging economies has been taking place. In addition, the growing number of competitors made the market more price sensitive. A competitive arena arose.

Today, increasing individualisation and frequent model changes of products take place. This reduces batch sizes. More and more flexibility is expected by the plant manufacturer: fastest changeover times to comply with shorter cycle times and higher variant diversity. Several parts are to be produced simultaneously on a system. All this requires a partner with international experience, a global network and rapid, cost-effective and innovative solution concepts.


The television was still a status symbol for an upscale household a few decades ago. The first devices were mass produced in laborious manual work.

Success at the speed of light
with plugs and switches that fit

  • Cost-effective solutions from manual workstations to large and fully-automated systems with cycle times of less than one second
  • Modular concepts with shortest possible changeover times for more flexibility
  • Customer-oriented project management for high demands and requirements
  • Experience in dealing with international and global projects

When many parts become one –
Parts assembly

The core competence of INSYS in electrical engineering is the assembly of various electrical components. In the last decade, parts and lot sizes have become smaller and cycle times shorter. Not a problem for INSYS. For example, a plant with 40 processing stations and chaotic production was realised in full compliance with all requirements, even in terms of extremely short changeover times.

Unique among the mass –
Parts marking

Today almost every part must carry a mark. Such marking can be applied in many different ways. INSYS has specialised in the use of lasers to mark parts – inline and offline. Renowned customers already use large fully-automated systems for laser marking their parts.

Everything under control –
Parts testing

Quantity and quality are no longer conflicting targets, minimum reject is now the standard. Thus, the testing of parts plays an increasingly important role in the different production phases. For a manufacturer of fuse elements, INSYS has built a testing and packing machine which improves the quality of parts and reduces production costs.