Innovative solution concepts

  • Fully automatic operation with cycle times under one second
  • Modular concepts with rapid retooling
  • Customer-oriented project management

Quantity and quality are not mutually exclusive goals. INSYS has produced a special testing and packing system for fuses. The INSYS assembly system enhances the quality of the parts while reducing production costs at the same time.

Process examples

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Automatic assembly of fuses

  • Soldering, punching, bending, assembling, potting, labelling - all processes integrated
  • Cycle times 1-3 sec
  • High variability, fast format change
  • EOL and resistance testing of finished parts

Smoke detector assembly

  • Safe handling of assemblies and circuit boards
  • Precise assembly with force-displacement monitoring
  • Complete traceability of finished parts
  • Integrated optical quality controls

Switches and terminal strips

  • Highest performance thanks to very short cycle times - 0.13 sec per terminal contact
  • Precise joining with force-displacement monitoring
  • Quality measurement online
  • Various types of printing and marking