Flexible machine construction

  • Flexible, modular assembly systems
  • From manual workstations to fully automated processes
  • The engineering and production site of your dreams

Customized, comprehensive and competitive assembly lines as lean, semi-automated and fully automated versions based on cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of automotive suppliers worldwide. Testing and quality control for guaranteed performance.

Process examples

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Belt tensioners

  • High precision of the individual assembly steps
  • Fully automatic parts feed
  • Highest flexibility during format change

Assembly of automotive control elements

  • Assembly of automotive control elements
  • Automatic assembly line with integrated manual workstations
  • Highest availability thanks to tested processes
  • High variability of assemblies
  • Secure format change

Assembly of electronic components

  • Safe handling of PCBs
  • ESD version
  • Optical control of assembly steps
  • Integrated EOL checks