Zeitgeist INSYS and the automotive industry

The introduction of the assembly line by Henry Ford in 1913 brought about radical change in the flow production of the emerging auto industry. Due to today‘s globalisation and increasing competition, more and more production plants are relocated to low-wage countries. This results in lower production costs.

With the general trend towards individualisation and custom equipment in serial car production, many car manufacturers and suppliers now also have to build separate special production lines in addition to the serial production. Highly flexible systems with fast changeover times are needed to meet the demands of the market in an economically viable way.

Assembly line in the AEG car factory in the Berlin of 1905.

No sport has driven automation forward like formula 1 vehicle construction. The passion for speed brought about technological advances that had a major impact on the mass construction of modern cars.

Speed and flexibility – Formula 1
in special machine construction

  • Flexible modular systems for controlling a wide range of variants
  • Manual workstations for the assembly of large components
  • Semi-automated or optionally fully-automated assembly systems
  • Location flexibility for production sites (e.g.: purchasing CH, production CN etc.)
  • Integrated solutions and 100% cost-optimised systems
  • Global partnerships for worldwide engineering, manufacturing and service

Global solutions from one source

Together with global partners spread out all over the globe, INSYS is the ideal machine manufacturer for international projects. This network organisation makes it possible to plan, design and implement major projects. Thanks to its global approach, INSYS system solutions have always been developed where the greatest expertise is available, designed where the required skills provide the best results and produced where cost- optimised systems can be offered. We provide our customers with technically advanced solutions at an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Innovative ideas in mechanical engineering

Every tenth of a second counts in production. Not only is the production rate of an automation solution decisive but also the duration of the changeover time from one product line to another. Innovative ideas and new production concepts ensure INSYS can provide with highly competent technical expertise future-oriented automation solutions.