Zeitgeist INSYS and the consumer goods industry

Early last century, mass production was realised with the help of many women and men who had to process, sort and assemble parts by hand. The term consumer goods first appeared in the 1970s and had its heyday in the 1980s/90s. The alleged decline of this industry is an illusion. Purchasing habits have increasingly changed and follow an overall trend which is remodelling the markets in general. Nowadays, consumers know exactly what they want, which makes it increasingly important for producers to understand their customers and fulfil their individual needs. New products must be permanently invented to continue generating incentives. The consequences are shorter cycle times and indivi-dualised products. In addition, consumers and merchants have helped increase price pressure on producers. Ultimately, this means that manufacturers of consumer goods have to work with partners who can provide production-optimised and cost-effective systems and who can react flexibly to the constantly changing markets.

Berlin around 1900: Sorting of installation material and assembly in the AEG appliances factory. Automation was the result of handmade work by thousands of women and men.

Whatever the consumer’s heart desires – flexible systems for many consumer goods

  • Long service life of the systems that can always be adapted to short product life cycles with a high degree of flexibility
  • Modern software and database solutions can process the latest industrial control standards for many type variants
  • High cycle time combined with 100% quality and function control using modern visual inspection systems

Razor-sharp robotics

The application variety of machining processes is extremely broad. Whether you want to produce razor-sharp cutlery, perfectly functioning tools or highly polished pots, INSYS’s robotic systems can handle a wide variety of parts using different processes such as grinding, polishing, deburring, etc.

Fully-automated scissor assembly

As a result of the enormous price pressure, companies must nowadays produce everyday products such as scissors fully automatically. That is why INSYS has developed a flexible concept which enables the assembly of different types of scissors on one system. The products are produced chaotically in different sizes and colours. Aim of the system is to be able to produce with batch size 1.